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If it looks like there's a bankruptcy in your future, let's get started and save you
from all the creditor harassment. Every bankruptcy at the Sees Law Group
begins with a free consultation. We'll explain the process, answer your  
questions and determine if filing bankruptcy is the best option for you. If     
there's  a better solution, we'll tell you about it. If bankruptcy is your best     
choice, why not get your case filed so the bankruptcy laws can start protecting
Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation. It really is that easy!
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  • Have you been sued or have an order to appear in court?
If so, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may very well make
the difference between saving your property .... or losing it forever.
It's true! When your bankruptcy is filed, a federal court order immediately issues  
that stops all collection activity against you. Creditors can no longer take legal
action, bring you into court, repossess your property, garnish your wages or   
contact you in any way. It all stops immediately.
We are a debt relief
agency. We help people
file for relief under the
bankruptcy code.
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  • Are creditors jeopardizing your job by calling you at work?
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Choices - We offer you many in filing your bankruptcy
We want to offer you the most convenient way to file your bankruptcy. You may
prefer the traditional method of simply making an appointment and coming to    
one of our offices. If you find it more convenient, we can conduct most of our
conversations by telephone. You can also submit some or all of your     
information   to us online. If you must file immediately, sometimes we can do   
same day bankruptcy filing to obtain immediate bankruptcy relief to stop
foreclosures, repossessions, wage garnishments and the like. .
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  • Are you facing an immediate foreclosure sale?
  • Is your vehicle about to be repossessed?
  • Has a creditor frozen your bank accounts?
  • Are you facing a wage garnishment?
Bankruptcy is all we do.
Are you thinking about filing bankruptcy?
To schedule a free consultation or for more information: Call toll-free: (855) 278-0205
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